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I know you must be asking yourself…”Who is this chick named EB?”

I am a mom. I am an Entrepreneur. I am a risk-taker (sometimes with my eyes closed)…And I am uberly excited to serve you! I know what it feels like to try to achieve the things you want and life just happens (sometimes taking over). Life is definitely a journey and we are not meant to “travel” alone. If it is one thing that I know/experienced…I TRULY know what it feels like to be spinning your wheels or feeling as is things are stagnant. I am here to tell you that there is a solution to the madness!

I am committed to helping you get beyond the next level. I am committed to helping you take what is rightfully yours in life and be more than just happy! We will do the unthinkable….While achieving the impossible!!

You don't have to embark on your journey alone.