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Knowing who we are as individuals is very important. Not just for the sake of our relationship with ourselves, but for the sake of our relationships with other people.   Our make up and everything else you can think of truly plays a part in how we live our lives, communicate with others, commit to projects, etc. 

Let’s face it…We have to be honest with ourselves from time to time and evaluate where we are in life before truly walking in our purpose.  Are we happy?  Can we make improvements? What is the next step?  All questions are necessary, but the truth is we tend to shy away from asking ourselves those questions.  Why is that?  Here are your answers:

  • We are afraid of true answers.
  • We are afraid of having to take action.
  • We are afraid of losing relationships/status.
  • We are comfortable where we are.
  • We are afraid of change.
  • We are afraid of the unknown.

As you complete each assessment and answer questions, you will be able to learn more about yourself – not just for the sake of knowing, but for you to intentionally grow, become a better version of yourself, and to create the life that you desire.

Enroll today, and receive a FREE 1-hour strategy connection session ($150.00 Value).  During this session, we will discuss how you can implement a plan to accomplish what you desire. (Connection sessions are granted once you have completed the course.)


  • Identify what matters most to you.
  • Learn more about who you are as a person.


  • Your Core Values Assessment
  • Communication Style Assessment
  • Your Core 5 Strengths
  • Love Language Assessment
  • TrueSelf Assessment


  • Notebook/Journal
  • Who’s In Your Room? – (Optional…BUT Highly Recommended)


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