Hearing from God

Don’t let your loyalty dictate your “Yes”…This is the FIRST thing that I heard this morning. 

TRUTH MOMENT – A lot has come my way and there are some BIG decisions that I have to make.  Decisions about what to keep on my plate.  Decisions about what/who I need to pass up.  Decisions on how I need to move forward (Even if it is to take time off for myself).  Decisions on what/who I need to walk away from completely.

Two HUGE opportunities have come up…BUT I have yet to fully be able to celebrate the moments…Only because of everything else that you are about to read.

Yesterday, I was a great candidate for a panic attack.  I couldn’t think.  I just wanted to throw myself on the floor like a toddler.  My head felt tensed. (Has your head ever felt so tensed that no matter what you did it just made you feel weird?)  All I could do was sit in one spot.  Try to do nothing and let it pass.  Quietly praying to God for some type of relief. 

I eventually fell asleep, in the living room, and woke up to this message from Father Cedric on my TV.  And as he was talking…that’s when I heard in a quiet loud way…Don’t let your loyalty dictate your “Yes”.  There wasn’t much to dig into because I knew exactly what that meant.  Not only that, before I sat on the sofa I literally said “God…I need to know what needs to be done so I can move forward and not lose it!”  Little did I know some issues were “played out” in my dreams (with solutions provided) and I woke up hearing what I heard.  The statement meant:

  • Follow God’s Will. – Not everything that comes my way is a part of God’s Will.  Even if the opportunity comes from someone that I am loyal to. 
  • Rest. – I need to rest more. My body has been sending me that message more so than anything. I not only need to rest…I need to get back to some things that I truly enjoy. My life has been consumed with so much that I have lost myself in some kind of way.
  • Live in the purpose that God designed for me. – God’s purpose is for me to help people nurture/manage their purpose and achieve the goals that have been tied to their purpose.  That is through building relationships, coaching, speaking, and teaching through programs.  There are to be no deviations or me supplementing opportunities in any way form or fashion.
  • Don’t worry if others end up feeling some kind of way. – This is major.  I don’t want to disappoint the people that I am loyal to…But I’m at a point where I have to walk in obedience and not take on anything just because of loyalty…OR in fear of someone being disappointed with me.

The last part is what really gets me.  Don’t worry if others end up feeling some kind of way.  Loyalty is a MAJOR value of mine…BUT I’ve been learning that there are boundaries within loyalty as well.  Have I “argued” with God about this before…I have.  BUT this is now no longer an argument.  

I know some of you may be in a place of “God…I need to hear from you NOW!” or “I think I heard God, but how do I know it was Him?”  The aha moment that I received this morning was that Samuel did not know God (1 Samuel 3:7) BUT God still spoke to Him.  God didn’t exclude Samuel from hearing His voice because he didn’t “know” Him.  God talked to him anyway…Because Samuel was called by God on purpose/with purpose.

You may be feeling as if you hardly know God.  Or…you may be feeling that you do not have a purpose.  Whether if you know God or not…You have a purpose that God has pre-destined before you were even conceived.  Sometimes the human brain can’t figure that part out…I don’t think it’s ever to be figured out.  I truly think that it is meant for us to believe that we have a divine purpose and we need to do whatever it takes to seek God for the plan and walk in our purpose.

Today and forever…May you hear what you’ve been seeking to hear from God…and also that you don’t walk in fear when He gives you the exact instructions that you need to walk out your purpose.

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