You have Authority!

Yes…You read that right. 

You have authority over the same enemy that needs “permission” to cause havoc in your life. And to the sanest (if that is a word) of minds that does not make sense and NEVER will.

This aha moment came to me as I was trying to make sense of how my laptop died and the car over heated in less than a 24-hour period. In the midst of “God seriously?!?!” this is what came to me.

To give you the back story of Job, his life was going great…and then his life was…I don’t know what to even call it. Let’s just say he was stripped of everything and EVERYONE was waiting for him to lose his mind. BUT one thing that stood out was that the enemy had to receive permission from God to even cause havoc in Job’s life. Now, I’m not going to get into “what kind of loving God would even allow something as such?”…What we need to pay attention to is the fact that the same enemy that was in Job’s time is the SAME enemy that we deal with today. The only difference is that since Job…We have been given the AUTHORITY over the enemy. 

What are you dealing with today? What havoc is being caused in your life? Do you have Nay Sayers in your ear telling you to give up?

I don’t know what you may be dealing with…but I do know one thing…YOU are a threat to the enemy. YOU are chosen by God to fulfill a greater purpose. YOU have what it takes to get through whatever chaos you are in the midst of…And it is YOUR testimony that will speak to others to give them the same hope that you need right now. Dig your heels in the ground and say out loud “The enemy DOES NOT have authority in my life. I HAVE authority over the enemy.” After you say all of that, search for the promises of God regarding your situation and speak those promises out loud. Let them become your Affirmations. Don’t think about who will judge you. Don’t think about who wants to be relevant in your life with their meaningless opinions. Surround yourself with those who “get it” and who will also walk with you in the midst of the chaos.

Always remember…You got this!

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